Does he want to text me?

When we started dating, my boyfriend would always start texting me, but now I'm the only one starting conversations with him. He'll talk to me if I start, but he usually doesn't start the conversation. Does he really want to talk to me? :/


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  • I personally hate texting, particularly if its with someone I want to talk to. My ex was huge into it, but I much prefered to talk face to face, or over the phone as a very distant fallback option. Over the course of our relationship I weaned off texting as much as I could and would call or even Skype if we couldn't meet up. Texts are better left as one off messages as far as I'm concerned.

    I'd be more concerned if he doesn't want any conversation with you, rather than if he doesn't use that particular method to do it.


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  • Maybe he's busy?

    Maybe he's stressed?

    Maybe the novelty of the relationship wore off?

    Maybe he doesn't like texting?

  • if you guys see each other at school daily maybe that is why? maybe he doesn't want to talk to you constantly. no offense but you seem very clingy. in a relationship space builds the relationship stronger.


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  • How often do you guys see each other?

    • everyday at school...

    • hmmm, I'm sorry I have one more question before I can help you is he in school with you. A lot of attention or not?