What does it mean when a girl says yes to a second date?

Just had a first date and in going to ask her out again sometime this weekend. I thought it went well but there is some uncertainty. So if she says yes to a second date, does it mean she likes me or could she just be trying to get free food lol. Like if she says yes, what are the odds she likes me compared to the odds she just wants free stuff?

Girls: have you ever said yes to a second date if you didn't like the guy?


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  • why did you have uncertainty? if she says yes, she likes you! the first date is kind of where all the awkward stuff happens and the second date is like a 'get to know you a little more personally' like both of you are acquainted with each other now so you can get over the whole how many siblings do you have kind of questions. if she says yes, she wants to get to know you more and its a good sign!

    • nah I haven't asked yet...that's the point haha

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  • what did you do on the first says ? and have you guys been talking ?

    I'm a girl and I wouldn't do anything like that. llf I didn't like the guy I wouldn't lead him on and wouldn't waste my tim on a guy I didn't like .

  • If she says yes to a second date, she obviously thinks your cool.

    Don't be all weird about it, there is no pressure needed. Dating should be used to decide if a relationship would work between you two.

    Have fun.

  • While I do know one or two girls who go out with guys they don't like just because they get free food (I think there's a word for that *cough*), most of us will probably go out with a guy again if we liked him during the first date. :)

  • Is she so poor that she can't afford to feed herself? If not, then she probably likes you.


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  • basically means she 'likes you' but that doesn't mean she's already interested in something 'more'...