Do all guys have bad timing kissing you for the 1st time?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 9 months and he hasn't kissed me yet! But every time it was a good time he just let it pass by. (like our walk in a sugarcane field or sitting in the park or taking a nature walk or sitting on a dock) No, he tries to kiss me in my front yard when I know someone is watching us. Or in the pitch black where I can't see anything! So do all guys have the most horrible timing? Or is it just him?


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  • Can be nerve-wracking for guys to do that. 9 Months is a very long time to not have done that already but maybe he is just really scared. Maybe you should try it? If he sees you going in for it, and he actually wants to like you said, he should have no problem doing it too. Plus this way you can have it wherever and whenever you want. Other than that, I don't know. A lot of guys have horrible timing, heck I had horrible timing a lot of the time, but that's because we are guys lol.


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  • 9 months?! Is he 10 years old?

    • Nope he just turned 18 and im17 but nethier of us have had our first kiss yet.

    • Well, uh, not sure what to say then. But I do wonder how you know whether he's tried to kiss you in the pitch black... since it's pitch black & stuff.

    • Because I huged him and he pulled me back in a werid way! I don't know! Maybe not?

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  • 9 months is a VERY long time to have not kissed yet. Its great that you two get along well together and you have a nice time but you need to talk about it, because otherwise you're just really good friends. Ask him why he hasn't kissed you yet and maybe you should both set a day and time to do it if its so hard to find time.

    • I have and he always says he means to! Not sure what that means but?