Should I Just Kiss This Woman?

Does a kiss have the power to change a woman's feelings towards a guy? My situation, for example: There is a woman that I adore, I let her know how I felt about her, she claimed that she didn't feel the same way and that she wasn't interesting in having a boy friend. It doesn't help that she is kinda/sort of dating this other guy. I wouldn't say that it's anything too serious, though. After the awkwardness of me telling her passed we started hanging out again, more than before, and have become even closer than before.

We click so well together, but I feel like there is more that I can do, but I'm just not sure. I'm considering trying to kiss her. I hear that a kiss in a situation like this can be very powerful, but I don't want to ruin what we already have.


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  • if she says she isn't interested then she isn't...on the other hand, since you guys are hanging out more and more you just need to see where things go. I mean obviously don't just walk up to her and give her a smooch. if you want it to be 'powerful' the moment needs to be perfect. but yes, I believe that a kiss can change the way you feel about a person. you have to expect that it might change her in a way you don't want too, though. if you kiss her, you risk the potential of scaring her away.


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  • careful. I don't know if you should risk that. she might flip out on you... you're going to have to read the situation very carefully and decide if you think she wants that. but honestly, if she outrightly said she doesn't feel that way...i don't think you should force it. maybe you can ask her quietly right before. and if it looks like she's thinking about it, thennnn maybe you can go for it. but if she quickly says 'no', then obviously, leave the woman be! :p

  • It really depends on he attraction and build up... The longer you deny one another/ exercise restraint, the more greater the build ip of sexual tension. It's a sad occasion when after this kind of the build up the kiss sucks...

  • My brother and his long time girlfriend had the same situation, he kissed her, an the rest is history. I'm not saying this will nescessarily work for you, just saying.

    So yeah.

    • Do you know how he did it? As in, did he just smack one her out of the blue, or did he plan something out to make it special?

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    • Huh... Well, it would be super risky, but the option of kissing her is on the table. I suppose if I reach a point where it feels right I'll just do it. You only live once, right?

    • Yeah that's probably the best plan.

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