Does it really matter who texts who first?

Like if a guy texts you first or you text him first?

if so why? or why not?


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  • No... anyone who judges you for texting first is stupid.


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  • No, it really doesn't. There is no rule on who should text first, even though people say there is.

    As a guy though, I get really tired of having girls making me initiate/start conversations via text all the time. Shows me that she either isn't interested or playing hard to get (which is irritating).

    So, if you like a guy, feel free to initiate conversations with him over text. Just make sure you're not the one who does it all the time, because the reciever will get used to it and rely on you to do so. 50-50 is my ideal, if possible.. But as long as he initiates every now and then, it's a million times better than not at all! (:

  • Yeah what wwt0112 said. But damn just text when you want to haha. Everyone makes the whole texting thing such a pain in the ass. As long as you're not going overboard and bothering each other its fine to text whenever.

  • doesn't matter one damn bit. but personally I don't do texts. I prefer actual phonecalls.

  • We prefer for you to text first, because we feel like we're bugging girls when we text first after a ling time.


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