BE HONEST.... How often do you ignore calls from people?!?!

And if so, why do you ignore them?

Because you're tired, not in a talking mood, don't like speaking to that person?!?! Maybe you have a friend, who rings 20 times a day, half an hour apart, just for the sake of ringing you (you answer the phone and there's an awkward silence, ''Why are you ringing again, I told you 5 min ago I was on the toilet, still on the toilet, what's wrong with you?!?!'')

Also, how do you handle being ignored, for whatever reason?!?! How do you handle the transparent lies you're told...

''Ohhh, I lost my phone/left it at home''

''My phone's broken''

''Didn't hear the phone ring'' (didn't hear it ring... all 20 times?!?!)

How do you retaliate?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • The truth hurts worse than any lie.

    Nothing is new with me, and sounds like nothing is new with you due to the long silent pauses. So I won't wrack up any more of my minutes and I'll let you go. I'm going to go back to what I was doing prior to this phone call. Goodbye.

    If I didn't answer the phone and they comment/question it next time I do answer it. I'll tell them, obviously what you called about before wasn't important otherwise you would have left me a message. I didn't feel like talking to you (or anyone if that is any consolation) so I let it go.

    If the person is really a pain, I'll set them straight. I'm not here for your entertainment. You shouldn't call me if you are simply bored. If you are calling to hang out, chances are we won't because you aren't that exciting to hang out with.

    • BOOM!

      ''I'm not here for your entertainment. You shouldn't call me if you are simply bored''... you've nailed it frog man. This particular person can't keep the phone away from his ear if he's bored, it's so f***in' annoying. He'll even ring when you tell him ''I'm expecting an important call, you're blocking the line''.

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What Girls Said 7

  • I have to admit I ignore most calls unless it's from my parents or sister. I know I can cut them off and get off of the phone with them a whole lot easier than I can some of my friends. I only ignore other calls because I just am not one who likes to talk on the phone. (yes I'm female too lol) I'd much rather text you back or whatever then talk because I can multitask much easier that way. Sometimes I just don't care to hear someone go in circles with their I don't mind being ignored unless it's my family or it's an emergency. I just usually let it be known that I don't like talking on the phone!

  • I ignore calls from people all the time. I still get contacted by my ex's even after years have passed, so these I ignore. When someone calls and I'm not in the mood to answer, I don't answer but I'd probably call them later. When I know why that person is calling and I don't wanna talk about that particular subject I don't answer, and probably won't call back.

    People who ignore my calls once, I don't call back again that day and wait for them to call because if they wanted to talk to me, the would. I don't call people 1000 times to make sure they see I called because it doesn't matter if you call once or 1000 times, they will have seen it either way.

    Why would you still call a person back who says these things to you anyway? If someone lies to you about it and obviously doesn't like picking up to your calls then get the hint.

  • I ignore calls too much lol then when I want someone to talk to, they get butthurt when I finally answer ...sorta well they get boring and I stick to texting. My pet peeve is when you're okay the phone with someone and they asked "so what do you want to talk about now" if I know its one of my friends who does that, is calling I will stick to texting.

  • I ignore people a lot haha. Usually because our conversations are never really very interesting and I just don't feel like talking to them. No one ever questions me about it... I think they start to get the hint if I ignore them enough. If someone ignores me or I get the feeling that they are not really enjoying talking to me, I try to end the conversation ASAP and I won't text/call them first again until they initiate conversation with me.

  • I don't really ignore calls. I only don't answer if it's this certainperson who doesn't talk to me much and is finally calling is when I think twice. If I'm ignored I sometimes tell the person to their face or by text. I get annoyed when they do that.

  • I usually don't ignore calls. But I do it sometimes when I REALLY can't answer (when I'm busy or not in a talking mood).

    When I'm ignored, I feel a little upset but I don't show it to the person who ignored me, I just play it cool.

  • i do that for people who call a lot (like people who call multiple times a day or everyday)


What Guys Said 2

  • I never ignore calls, don't have anyone calling me that I want to ignore.

  • I wouldn't say I ignore people. I'm just too lazy to pick up my phone and talk to people, because it usually lasts like 20mins - 1hr+++. The irony is that I have an unlimited plan lol.

    Most of the time, my phone will be in my pocket, but I won't hear it or feel it ring. Then, when I do feel it ring, I'll be in class, or at work, or busy. And then, when I'm not busy, nobody will call me. But that's when I'll call people anyway.

    When people don't pick up, I never think they're ignoring my call. People are busy. This is America, not Europe! We have 40hr+ work-weeks. Between work, sleep, commuting, personal hygiene, eating, the bathroom, etc, there's just not enough time in the day. Stuff comes up. I'm not the King of the universe. I don't expect people to be anxiously waiting next to their phone, and ignoring their lives, just to pick up the phone and talk to me whenever I decide to call.

    If someone didn't hear the phone ring, even 20 times (and that's genuinely me) it's not a big deal! Relax! That's not the real reason you should be upset at them. The real reason you're upset is because at the very least, they saw your missed call, and they didn't bother calling you back.

    I'm guessing since you're a guy, you're either gay or this is about some girl you're recently in to. I'm not gay, so I can't help you out if it's an other guy you're recently in to. But if it's a girl you're in to, do you really think you're getting far by acting like this? I mean, who the f*** are you? If you're acting this way about her not calling you back, G-d only knows how you're going to act if the dishes aren't done, or dinner isn't cooked when you get home.

    Here's a suggestion:

    You: Hey, I've been calling you.

    Her: (excuse)

    You: Did you listen to the message I left you? (always leave an interesting voice mail)

    Her: No

    You: Did you see your missed calls?

    (Now, this is where it splits)

    Her: Yes

    You: When were you going to call back?


    Her: No

    Then . . .

    You: I just have to tell you, I feel like you're ignoring me.

    Her: I'm not ignoring you, (blah blah blah)

    You: Okay, I'll tell you what, let's get together and go online to view your phone bill. If you didn't place any calls between all my missed calls, I'll feel really stupid, but I'll get over this feeling of being ignored. If that's not okay with you though, then I completely understand, and I think we should both stop wasting each others' time.