If a guy takes 12 hours to reply to a text is he not interested?

Or is it true that you'll wait if you like a girl so you don't look too eager, or you have to think about what to say back.


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  • The fact that he texted you back is more important than exactly how long it took.


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  • He might just be a really crappy texter. Texting is a really horrible way to gauge interest, so I'd try to see him more. Some of my best, long-time friends take hours to respond to me. It's just a some-dudes thing. If you're really unsure, just ASK! Guys can work with you a whole lot more when you convey your concerns and feelings DIRECTLY (this means not sugarcoating it, or being indirect). SAY WHAT'S ON YOUR MIND. DON'T HOLD BACK. Oh, and good luck!

  • If he always takes 12 hours then yea, he's not interested. Now don't get me wrong, if ya text me and I'm interested I might take an extra 20 min or more just to dwell and think of a good response while I'm off doing something else but 12 hours? If this is the norm he's either playing ya or he doesn't give a f***. Sorry to be blunt.

    • Well I sent it in the early hours of the morning & he lives in an area with bad to no phone coverage. I sent it at 2am and he replied at 1pm but I guess he wouldn't have got it until he got into town so I might have been a lot less than 12 hrs. I dunno.. I'm trying to just be glad it was the same day.

    • Well that could explain a lot, especially since you texted at 2am, sometimes I'm passed out by then and given I can sleep in you're sure not to hear from me til at least 12 hours from the original text that's for sure.

  • If he doesn't reply at all he's not interested and wants you to leave him alone. If he replies late he had more important things to do than talk to you. Could be working, studying for a test, out with his friends somewhere, driving in the car, or something like that. If he replies immediately he just happened to notice it... he might have his phone in front of him sitting on his desk while he was working or something.

    Don't think he's really into you or desperate because he replies quick or that he's not into you because he replies late. The large majority of men do not have time to play those time games. We reply when we get a chance.


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  • I had a guy wait over 24 hours to text me back and it about drove me nuts, but it turns out he just doesn't pay that much attention to his phone.