If a close guy friend doesn't call back for six weeks... Is this normal?

I've been friends with this guy for a year. Until about a two months ago, I had spent almost every day of the last year, sometimes for up to seven hours, listening to his problems. One-way conversations mostly. He had a lot of stuff to work through, and since we were friends, I was happy to listen. At least I kind of thought talking for three hours plus a day made us friends. I had a really serious family problem start up about six weeks ago, and really needed some support. My friend-ish is suddenly nowhere to be found. I've tried not to be pushy about it- I called twice, asking how he is and letting him know I needed someone to talk to, but had to leave a message as he didn't pick up. And I never heard back. The last time I saw him, we had a great time together. I've never said anything behind his back that would have gotten repeated. I'm at a complete loss. So is this a normal guy thing to do to friends? I've never had a guy or girl friend go completely awol before. Honestly, with most people, I wouldn't think twice about them not getting back. It's just that I invested a lot of energy and emotion in trying to help him out, and it just kind of hurts that he doesn't seem to have my back.


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  • It's not an normal guy thing to do.

    This guy is a user. He uses people. 100% takes, and never gives.

    Some people call them emotional vampires.

    Cut this guy out of your life. He is not your friend.


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  • not really a normal thing to do, I have plenty of close girl friends that listen to me time to time. They def. call me with they have problems and I play my part being there for them. Then again not everyones a good listener, and more importantly (sadly) not everyone knows how to be a good friend. sorry


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  • he's used you to unload his emotional baggage and now he's been fixed no longer needs you ... sorry :(