What do you think about a girl who dates a few guys at once?

would you still date her if you found out? I know it might come across as using the guys ... but how are you suppose to know which one is the right one for a relationship without dating them?

It's just some girls think it's a bit playerish or slutty. I believe it depends on the extent you go to... But I definitely got my answer now..thanks guys!:)


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  • I don't see this as a problem unless we're in an exclusive relationship or if she doesn't tell me she is going out with another guy. I assume once you feel a strong connection with a guy you wouldn't try dating someone else, right?


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  • Dont lots of girls do thing already? Its pretty common here in Europe. I thinks its normal. And rational. Especially if we are talking about dating and not sex. Otherwise it would feel more like a great way to start an epidemic more than anything else :p

    • This.

      You're free to date who ever you like and as many as you like, until two of you have had the whole "exclusivity" conversation.

  • Yeah, I think it's pretty normal to go out with different people until you find someone you want to get more serious with. As long as everyone is being open/honest, no problem.


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  • I think its fine and normal as long as you aren't sleeping with them. How is it playerish and slutty? It's better than only restraining yourself to one guy when you're not even his girlfriend! Sometimes girls just make it hard on themselves.