Is "playing the field" disrespectful or appropriate?

My friends have advised me to "play the field" because I tend to just crush on people one at a time (Meaning one crush per semester of classes). I feel a bit uncomfortable with that suggestion because I feel like it might make me seem like a player or that I'm just ranking guys that I like based on 1st best then 2nd best etc.

Am I being paranoid or is there really decent to go about "playing the field"?


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  • When I was young and single, I only really went after one at a time.

    Its not smart.

    Definitely explore things (to a point!) with lots of guys, and don't stop doing that till you actually make a mutual decision to be exclusive. The guy you end up with you SHOULD have chosen over others, not just been like 'well I went for him and it worked out, so I guess I'll stick with it'.


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  • I think you should do what you're comfortable with

    I too only fall for one girl at a time, it's just who I am


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  • It's fine and smart. This is the best way to date, instead of only dating/crushing on one guy at a time and then being even more disappointed when things didn't work because he was the only one. You'll have more power instead of being at one person's mercy hoping things work out. You have to take control of your destiny, it's not as if you're cheating on anyone because you're not in a relationship yet. Shit guys have been doing it catch up lol