Guys am I too smart for him??

I've been dating this guy for a while and I really like him...but now he seems like if I make him feel dumb...i told him that my brain has the function of a person two years older of my age and he didn't believe me...but now he is always star struck and frozen when I say something...he always makes jokes when I'm around like look at ms.smarty or did you finally get a B? should I dumb it down around him?

also when I ment dumb it down I ment as not talk about smart subjects or say facts that only people 10 years older than me know not try to act dumber


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  • I don't think it's nice or good to say you're too smart for him, but you should never dumb yourself for anyone.


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  • You aren't to smart for him, he's to dumb for you. The way I see it, ultimately he can benefit from your intelligence but you can't benefit from his lack of intelligence. You should strive to find someone that will challenge you mentally or someone that is on the same level. But if your iqs are way off from each other and one or both of you know it, I think that you should end it.

  • Nah, just find a smarter guy.


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