I like moy boyfriend's best friend and he likes me too and I don't know what to do help?

I have only been dating my boyfriend for 4 months but he's overly obsessed with me he brought his best friend over who I have know for a while but haven't talked to for a while. We started talking after that day. At first I only thought he was cute I confessed to my boyfriend he didn't seem to care. We kept talking and video chatting every night and on the weekend we would video chat till 5 in the morning. People started getting suspicious that he likes me and told my boyfriend. He got worried and I don't think I like my boyfriend that much any more. I know I like his best friend and he told me he likes me too but I really don't know what to do he's all I think about and I don't even know how long to wait to go out with him if me and my boyfriend break up. Any advise would help. Thank you p.s his best friend is such a flirt and calls me pretty and beatiful and baby which makes me like him more.

Thanks everyone I talked to my boyfriend and he said we should break up ofcorse that didn't last long and he came back to me but after he broke up with me I found out I was caught up that another person liked me and was making me feel really special so me and my boyfriend are still together and me and his best friend are still close but not talking as much and aren't suspicious at all.


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  • A guy flirting with his friend's girlfriend says a lot about his shallow character, so I don't advise you to bond with him.

    The fact that your boyfriend was indifferent to your comment about his friend might also say that he is not really in love with you ..

    You obviously need to break up with your boyfriend as fast as possible , and I suggest taking some time alone without any of them.. don't rush ! However, the time needed between the break up and the start of the new relationship totally depends on your boyfriend .. normally it should take a couple of months ( potential time for you to fall for each other ) .. but if your boyfriend is totally normal, and doesn't seem to be that much hurt, then you can do it sooner.. do whatever you feel is right . Good luck


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  • I agree with Yriugni. If you let's say cheat, your boyfriend will break his bff face and you will be dumped so hard, but that is not worst part- I bet that everyone will know about that and everyone will hate you and that guy- I don't have to explain why. Even if you don't cheat and you boyfriend become suspicious, it's gonna end nasty. I mean, it happened to me 3 times(that I know 'till now) that girlfriends of my good friends were into me bu I'd never break trust. And even if I fell sth to that girl I would tell my friend and to that girl that nothing will happen and for sure I'm not gonna initiate their break-up. But also think of what do you have with your boyfriend and what can you have with his bff. Speak to your boyfriend, learn how he feels. And there is one more thing that is gonna happen for sure no matter how long you wait if you break-up with boyfriend and than in couple of months you end up with his friend. Nobody from his "friend list" will respect you and chances are over 80% that he will be downsized also. If you wanna know more, fell free to ask.


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  • do what you like.. that guy you like is certainly not going to last long... given his character of back stabbing. never trust people who back stab others...they will end up doing the same to u.