I like this boy & he always gives me hints that he likes me:/

& he flirts with me & we starting to talk more I guess but I messaged him on Facebook & said heyy what's up *****! but I still don't have a reply back & that day he posted a status saying ran hella at practice today, & than the next day I didn't even wanna look at him but in french class I was talking to my friend & was like I'm texting this dude name jaseree & he's hella ******* sexy & nathan juss right in front of us , he was like what's his name? & that's not the 1st time he asked me what a boys name was when I talk about how cute a guy is anyways pleasee I need help?!?


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  • He may have been really tired when you talked to him on Facebook.


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  • no, no way in the world he could possibly like you calling you out your name! no guy likes you if he's doe that.