Girl rejects a kiss, now what?

I feel awkward. We had a great first date and I felt like I should give it a try. We hugged and I tried for the kiss but she said "no not yet". I text her afterward saying I had fun and whatever and that we should go out again if she wants and she responded and said she had a great time also and will see what her schedule looks like next week. I said I'd call her sometime to see and she said that sounds good.

But what am I supposed to think? Isn't no kiss = no interest? And how am I supposed to get my first kiss then? I don't want to try too soon and get rejected again but I don't want to wait forever just for a first kiss to know I am doing things long should I wait to try again?

Have any girls here said no to a kiss the first time but actually gone though and gotten in a relationship with that same guy?


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  • Man, you're in a deep sh*t!

    This seems like a classic - the date goes perfect but no kiss.

    Some women tend to date even those men they ain't attracted to because for them it's more fun than just sitting at home alone, and especially - if the guy covers the expenses.

    If she would like you then there would be no reason at all why she wouldn't kiss you.

    Name one reason why a woman who is attracted to you would not even kiss you after a great first date. I really wanna hear something.

    Yes - there is an unwritten rule "no sex on a first date" as it may compromise their female dignity, but it definitely does not apply about kissing. It's ridiculous!

    You know what you have to do? Find another chick.

    Forget about this one and don't even consider asking her out again - because then you would compromise your male dignity!

    Why should you do that? If you can find a girl who's much better?

    She sorted her priorities and you're not on the top of them so you must not put her on the top of your priority list.

    If she again may ask you out sometime - then consider it and maybe accept, but just maybe, and in such case don't spend a penny for her.

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      But then why are all the girls saying it's no biggie? And even half the guys say it's no problem? If she says yes to a second date, why wouldn't that mean she is interested? Afterwards we texted and she said she had a great time...

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      Me and her only met a few days ago and she may have just been nervous. You seem to be super negative about it... Look at the girl up on top...she said she wouldn't kiss the guy no matter how interested she was. I highly doubt she is lying to me. The girl told me "not yet". She didn't say "". Key word: yet. Doesn't that make sense or am I just crazy? And I doubt there are many girls that would go out on a second date just for free food. And this girl seems down to earth

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      I understand you are interested in her, but you gotta realize this is about power.

      You are providing her power by giving in. Let's say everything's fine after the second date and you wonder what the hell that moron here was talking about.

      But make a guess - who's gonna hold the leadership role in that relationship?