Am I missing the "way the game works"?

I've never had many girlfriends, but for most of my life I didn't really want one. Was content to focus on learning a foreign language, working out, college, grad school and later work. To get my life where I wanted it to be. So now I live abroad and have a decent job.

My friend told me at a bar "you're kind of killing the atmosphere, you don't get the way the game works. It doesn't matter if you're well-dressed, rich and looking good. Women aren't going to just come up and talk to you"

My response to this is that I don't chase after women, I tend to keep to myself. If they're interested I figure they will let me know. And if they aren't interested, I'm not interested.


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  • Yes, you are. Your head has been stuck into a book for far too long. Don't feel bad, I'm like this too. Just try to see this from a girl's perspective. If you look rich and distinguished and handsome, most women will assume you're taken or be too afraid to approach for fear of rejection. Why don't you just try approaching any girl, just to get some practice? That way if you're rejected, at least you didn't care.


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  • Yeah I definitely would have trouble going up to a guy I'm interested in and starting it all. But if you're interested in a girl, you'd go up to her first then, right? And sometimes girls will become interested in a guy who confidently comes over to them and starts talking them up, you can't always just glide by in life on your looks! haha

  • Most girls expect the guy to approach and stuff.


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