How soon is too soon for a second date?

I asked a question about the first date before so some of you may recognize the situation. I just went on a first date, had a lot of fun I think. It lasted over three hours. Only problem is I tried for a kiss at the end and she said "no not yet". We texted afterward and it seems she wants to go out again.

So when should I ask her out on a date again? I plan on calling her tomorrow to ask and I have a really good idea for a date and it would be for Sunday(the Superbowl). But would Sunday be too soon for another date? Our first one was on Thursday.

So if you went on a date on Thursday, would you be okay with another date on Sunday considering the situation with the rejection of the kiss? Or is that moving too fast?


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  • i guess you'll find out when you ask her. there's a lot of individual variation.


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  • Well, she's obviously comfortable about it.

    I see 'too soon' as if one is comfortable about it going at a pace, but the other isn't. So I think you're fine!


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  • At least let her get home from the FIRST date. Then any time is the right time to ask for a second date. Don't text. Texting is lame. Use the phone the way it was intended. TALK to her.

    But you made a good point. If some girls don't kiss (or put out) on the first date, why not start right away with the second date omitting the first one altogether? Too late for you. But it's a thought.