Just brokeup: I feel like I need to date right away?

I brokeup with the girlfriend of 3 years. My feeling right now is - I don't want to waste any time. I want to meet people, meet girls, just get out. So while on the train today and just doing my thing I noticed a few girls. They were busy texting or listening to music and didn't really seem like they're interested. But my instinct was to go after them, talk, say anything. Problem is I have no idea what I'd say, "Hey, I just ran over here to see if that is a pullover!"

Anyways, my mentality now has been to meet people and meet girls. Should I slow down? Or should I go to meet? And if so how?


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  • no no no. you're just looking for a body right now and that's not fair to that girl or to yourself. take a break from dating

    • if she's game to play ball and so am I, why not?


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  • How are you now? Did you get over your ex?

    • Thanks for asking! Not completely over but I would say 95%. Met another girl :)

    • Nice! I wish you the best and thanks for the update man. That's really cool you did this

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  • maybe take some time to just be single, hang out with friends and not worry about finding another girl. either way she's just gonna be a rebound anyway.

    just do you and the opportunities will come along