How can a shy girl get the guy?

I am developing a crush on this employee at my gym. He's nice and outgoing/chatty, but we only interacted/spoke once briefly and it was professional/brief since I'm shy. Whenever I'm there and he's there, I get really shy, and I have trouble looking at him or smiling or anything.

He just glances at me occasionally but I don't take it as anything, as it's his job to watch the area basically. He avoids eye contact with me, but if we do make eye contact (rarely) , he looks away calmly. I feel like he may at the very least find me attractive (don't ask how, but I just do).

But I would really like for him to talk to me and be interested in/pursue me... how can I make this happen :( I repeat. I am PAINFULLY shy!


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  • Smile as often as you can especially when he does make eye contact with you, or even when you walk by him

    start off with small gestures

    If you want a guy you have to do those things or else they're left in the dark not knowing you like or are interested in them, obviously he finds you attractive so you just need to have confidence in yourself and go for it


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  • Either stop being so shy or sit back and hope he decides it's worth doing all the work.

    "But I would really like for him to talk to me and be interested in/pursue me" - You cannot rob someone of their free will.

    • one cannot simply stop being shy

  • f*** him and its good


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  • Smile whenever you see him.

    Try to say friendly stuffs like "morning", "hello", "night"

    Soon, he would start talking to you.