I DON'T want a boyfriend - is this bad?

I feel weird because almost everyone I know is in the search of a boyfriend/girlfriend/perfect match. I honestly don't care or really want one. I find relationships to be a lot of work - involving me have to text/IM them a lot when I'd rather do other things, them pressuring me for more than kissing which I'm not ready for, drama from others and them. Its just a big commitment and I would way rather hang with friends - boys and girls both. Is this bad or wrong?

I'm 18 and feel I "should" date for experience, that's what people tell me - to grow and learn. But I feel I'm fine and know HOW to date, I've dated plenty. Just none have worked and I usually either get really hurt or really hurt someone and I'd rather just be friends with people.

I could have a boyfriend too. A few guys show extreme interest as in say "we need to hang" etc but I don't know, they're not people I see myself with and I'm good being single. :/


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  • If you don't want to date, then don't! I never dated anyone until I was 18, actually, and when I did, I found a wonderful girl who is perfect for me!

    As a general rule, just because other people are pressuring you to do something or think you're weird for not--ignore them. You know what you want, and you're not likely to get anything out of dating just because other people think you should.

    Date when you feel the time is right, or wait to meet someone you really click with in either the workplace, school, activities you participate in, etc... I think you'll find this better than dating when you're not really into it.


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  • No, I would not worry about ti hun, you will find the right guy when time is right. All of the cards will fall like they should and you will find the right one at that time. Enjoy being single and don't worry about it.


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  • You will find someone you want to settle down with in future. I used to think like you until I met him. The feeling is true and it changed my mindset. I don't know about dating to get the experience but I find knowing more guys can lead you to knowing what you want. So don't restrict yourself because you don't know if you have miss out the right person :)