Did he accidently text me?

This guy who I used to like who I at least thought I was still friends with texted me twice after a month or two of no contact. The first message he sent was really flirty and I thought he might be drunk so I ignored it. The second message was a "hey, what's up" kind of message and I texted back "how are you doing?" Didn't hear back from him. Then I saw on his facebook that he is dating a girl whose name begins with the same letter as mine. So now I'm wondering if he meant to text her instead and accidently pressed my name and now I look like a clingy idiot for texting him back if he didn't mean to text me in the first place. What do you think, did he meant to text her or did he mean to text me and just got busy and forgot to respond to my message?


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  • This is by far one of the trickier situations to deal with. There are few possibilities, but it's very hard to determine which one is the RIGHT one.

    He could have:

    a) Been starting to slow down with the girl that you said he was dating. Often times, people hate to be single. Therefore, if a relationship they are in isn't going very well, they might start to sort of "fall back" to people they know; in other words, they start to try to get a few options that they can go to if they find themselves in a breakup.

    The best way to tell if this is the case is to watch his status. If he breaks it off with this other girl soon, this would be the most plausable case.

    In doing this, he may have thought that his first attempt to get back in contact with you was too foreward (seeing as you never responded to it, and you DID mention it was very flirtatious), and decided to try again in a less pronounced way.

    b) I don't think that he would have sent the first one by accident, seeing as usually something of that nature would have been followed by a "oops, sorry. wrong person" or something. Usually people realize when they have done something like that and immediately correct themselves. Also, it shows that he was trying to get into contact with you because he sent a second message to you.


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  • Approach with caution. If he hasn't texted you for 2 months he obviously hasn't been thinking of you day and night. JCGould seems on the right track, with his theory of this dude falling back on you. This guy seemed to like talking to you/hanging out with you in the past. But if things didn't work out with the this other girl (I don't know if she exists for sure) you may be the rebound and there's nothing wrong with that. Two of my friends dated guys who were "rebounds" and are still dating but make sure he's completely finished with this other girl.

    There's a tendency to flip flop back and forth when a couple is in the midst of breaking up. It's over, we're back together, no it's over again. Just figure out if it's final, that is if there is another girl lol. Most importantly, find out if he's a solid guy. By solid I mean some people like being in relationships all the time and don't like to be single. I find this as somewhat as a weakness, are you with the person because you're lonely or because you actually like them?

  • Maybe he was texting you but since you ignored it the first time he thought you didn't want to talk to him. I dunno?

  • People very rarely accidentally text the wrong person! In my experience if I ever have it was clear to me that the reason for my mistake was that I was thinking about the ultimate recipient! I have also been on the receiving end! This guy I was seeing somehow accidentally called me, yet I wasn't at the top of his dialled called list! I know this for a fact as we rarely spoke on the phone, yet oddly enough a few hours after having an argument I received this call... he played like he had no idea but it was a good way to break the ice after our spat! I would however err on the side of caution! If this guy is seeing someone else he may just be bored and need some attention!