Why doesn't my boyfriend like to kiss? help

Hello guys! ! OK so my Boyfriend & I been dating for 2 months so far And we cuddle and watch movies and all that but like he always avoid kissing me. We hug , smile, and look each other in the eye but its like one day I try and go for a kiss he avoids it and says he don't like the kissing thing... Show More

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  • He might be a really shy type and isn't into kissing. It could also be that at two months he's not 100% into you yet. Most guys don't take things that slowly, but a few do. It could also be that he has intimacy issues from his past and isn't over them yet. I'd talk to him again in a month or so and see what he says. Shrug it off for now, but pay attention to his other signs of affection. It is only one part of a larger picture. Keep that in mind.

    • Thanks a lot but I pay very close attention and I wonder why. You want to ask him what's the real reason but I don't know if I should;) do you think I should?

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    • I wouldn't wait much longer than a few more weeks. Even two months is a long time if you ask me. It is up to you, but not kissing would be VERY odd for most men.

    • OK thanks a lot Hun appericated