If you're not sure a guy likes you, is it OK to date other guys?

I like this guy, and he knows it, but I'm not sure it's working out. Also it's long distance.

Another friend of mine asked me out...is it OK to go out with him? if so, should I tell the first guy?

I'm just tired of waiting for guys to decide if they like me. I'd rather be with someone who shows they're into me. I think that both guys and girls should fight for the other, but I feel like when I like a guy, I'm usually the only one fighting for it.


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  • If you and the first guy have not discussed or agreed on being exclusive, be free and go out with other guys by all means. The more guys you go out with, the better for you for getting some life experiences before you settle on one guy.

    • yeah, we're not exclusive...not really even dating since we're far apart. just talking and liking each other. I don't see a problem going out with other guys since I'm single, but I don't want him to take that as me being fickle or something.


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  • For the sake of respecting people you should always tell them you're dating others at the same time. Just because it's a morally grey area where you MIGHT get away with it doesn't mean you should exploit it at the cost of somebody elses feelings.


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  • Technically, it's okay, but realistically, it sets a tone that says "I'm not taking you all that seriously. You shouldn't take me all that seriously either." Because when you're really taking someone seriously, there's no desire to date other people. If he really cares about you and he finds out about it, then he may feel like you don't value what you guys have together. Or at least not as much as he did. It kinda just depends though because some guys share the same attitude. But if their hearts are in it, then they'll be hurt and that hurt will turn into "Ok, I'll do the same thing"

    Should you tell him? It depends on what exactly you guys have. Is this a relationship? The prelude to a relationship? If so, then I think you should tell him out of respect and consideration. If it's not then I really don't see why he needs to know

    • I'm mostly thinking along the same lines as you here. I can see how a guy would feel hurt because I shouldn't want to see other guys if I actually like him, dating or no. And I guess I'd kinda feel the same way. BUT...I'm not sure how interested he is in dating me. I know he's attracted to me but I feel like he's getting tired of me because he doesn't initiate contact as much or act as flirty. And to be honest, that's making me lose interest a little. Which is why I think it'd be so much easier

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    • that's why I think you should wait to see any improvment in his behavior because if he does improve...

      1. it may change your opinion about dating other guys

      2. You won't have made him feel pressured into giving you a certain answer because you didn't let him know he was about to lose his 'first place' position

    • mm yeah, good points. Time to bring out the patience! haha. I'd better get to bed right now though, but this really helped a lot!

  • Its completely fine you aren't dating this guy so don't hold yourself back from an opportunity that could possibly turn out to be great

  • So why don't you ask him how he would feel about you seeing other friends? Maybe he's been seeing other girls for a while already, I'm sure he would've made declarations of some kind if he wasn't because he's being faithful to you.

  • I think it's okay. Date your friend :D Waiting around for him is a waste of time.