Is it weird to go to prom alone?

I know prom is far away from now but I want to go to prom this year, I'm a senior. I've never been asked to a dance before, so I really don't think I'll get asked this year. I like this guy, and I hope he'll ask me, but I don't know. But my school makes a huge deal about prom. They take you on coach buses to a hotel's ballroom and it's supposed to be really nice and I want to go. But is it bad to go alone?


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  • not at all :) I always plan to go to dances alone and with a group of friends, except last year for prom I got asked last minute by someone I was not expecting. same goes for this year, unless I get asked at some point, I plan on going alone :) just don't let anyone see that you're disappointed you're going alone, and no one will think its 'weird'


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  • Not at all. I went to my senior prom "alone" (technically I went with my best friend, we both didn't have anyone we wanted to take so we went with each other). I had a great time! It was made even better because in high school I never really dressed up or wore make-up but prom night I went all out (make-up, hair, and a hot dress) and had guys I'd known since 5th grade, girls I'd known since I was 4, and even some of my teachers walking up and going, "Wow." A couple guys didn't even recognize me, a guy from my math class came up to me and goes, "I was trying to figure out who's that you were, I didn't realize it was you, you look great." I wore the same dress to my first sorority formal and got the same reaction out of people. I didn't need a date to be hot and I definitely need one to have a good time.

    • What kind of dress was this?

    • It was blue with sequins but down the center it was cut out and covered with a light blue meshy material across it and on top of it more of the same glitter/sequin patterns that were on the rest of the dress (most swirls).

  • Nope. I went alone and had a lot of fun. Make sure you go with close girlfriends (even if they have a date).

  • I went to all my dances alone, and had just as good of a time with all my friends as I would have had with a date. Don't not go to prom just because you don't have a date. You'll feel awful silly when you look back on it and you didn't go.