How do you like a girl to kiss you?

Guys: What's your idea of a perfect kiss? I just wanted to know. Thanks!


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  • When I least expect it. Once my ex kissed me to wake me up lol great way to wake up. But the perfect kiss is if me and a girl were just relaxing and she just starts smileing at me while were cuddleing and then when I look over and ask her what she's looking at me for she would say something along the lines of I'm just really happy when I'm with you or I love you (if your at that point) ect. And then kiss SLOW and soft savor each others lips like they are the greatest thing youve ever tasted


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  • She walks up behind me at a public place, grabs me and turns me around, and locks her lips into mine. That moment being the only important thing in the universe.

  • believe it or not, guys are actually really sensitive beings, so we think about this sort of stuff a lot. I'm surprised more people haven't answered yet


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