Do you believe in dating if you're just not making enough money?

especially if he's in a better paying job than you and it seems like he had an actual relationship. me on the other hand, I have dated only a few and I DON'T HAVE AS much experience as he does.

what concerns me is I have a few medical bills that will be occurring in the next few months, nothing too serious. but with the minimum wage job I already have, am I really one to date?

I want to have a boyfriend, I would love to have a relationship but it's an never ending cycle. of bills and things to pay and owe.

how do you feel about this? thoughts?

I feel like I'm living life on the cheap but the only expenses I have is medical and maybe when I look nice for him.


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  • I really don't see why it should be a problem. Just do low cost/free dates. I'm sure if you can afford groceries you can afford to do an at home date night. And what I mean by that is cook a meal at home for him. It's way cheaper than going out or spend the night at your house watching movies by candle light. It's romantic, cheap and way better than going out! And going out is overrated IMO. Everyone thinks they have to go out to restaurants and clubs and spend a ton of money to impress their date. I think he would be impressed if you cooked for him or took him on inexpensive or even free fun dates!

    Money is not going to make you a better catch in a relationship. A good attitude will! You really can't buy someone's love. So taking them on expensive dates is not going to make you a good catch. I think taking the situation you have in your life right now and finding a way to manage it and still have some fun is going to create character.

    Fact of life is, you have to be healthy, health is important. And unfortunately where you live, you have to pay a lot for medical care. So I wouldn't think anyone should hold that against you. I hear you about the minimum wage job, I worked one too. It's not enough to live off of really. Especially if you have to rely on yourself only, it can be tough.

    I am in school right now and I have no money too. And I do feel bad when I can't afford to take my boyfriend out. But I make up for it by making him amazing meals at home or thinking of creative ways to add some romance into the relationship.

    Sometimes a simple nature walk can be a good date. Also, baking cookies, making dinner together, having a home-made candle lit dinner at home, watching movies at home, visiting some free local attractions and activities, and also attending some cheap functions are all ways you can date without spending a whole lot.

    Besides, if he loves you, he is not going to care about money. Go on a few dates, then if it looks like it's going well, explain to him your situation and that you want to have a relationship but want your situation to not be an issue.

    Make it clear you are not looking to use a guy as a bank, but just want him to understand why you won't be taking him out to restaurants and movies all the time. Just ask him to be understanding. I don't think anyone is going to hold it against you that you are not able to do expensive things. It's understandable considering your situation. And it will look good on you for being upfront and open about it.


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  • You can make it work.

  • Not if you're a guy.

  • Might be an option for you since guys don't care if a woman works. All I know is it wouldn't work for a guy.


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  • Maybe because I'm an independent person but I certainly wouldn't be putting myself out there spending money I didn't have, and I don't expect to be paid for when dating. Maybe just be honest with him about what is going on, if its just the medical bills, you can work towards paying it off and still date, and maybe you two can do cheaper things in the mean time. If he loses interest in you because of some medical bills, he probably wasn't worth the time and effort to begin with.

    • Wanted to add, when you do talk to him about it, just make sure you are saying it as you want to be honest, not like you're wanting help with it.