How should I act? Need women's opinion

This is my situation

so I meet this girl online and she told me strait ahead that she is not looking for a relationship at the moment , but the chemistry between us was good so I continued to talk to her hoping that would change after a while

now we have meet 4 times ,and we are going out for dinner next weekend , the problem is that she told me she still does not want a relationship.

should I stop seeing her , I don't want to fall in the friend zone , that is the last thing I want I already have too many friends

do you see a way to make things work as more than just friends ,or should I just move on ,(she texts me almost every day , even when I ignore ) what should I do


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  • She has told you flat out TWICE that she's not looking for a relationship. Believe her. You will most likely not be able to be more than friends.

    So if you are OK with just being her friend, then go ahead and spend time with her. If you are not OK with that, then cut your losses and find someone else.


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  • Take her out to dinner, but date other women too. If you don't want to be put in the friend zone then DON'T BE HER FRIEND. Be very selective when you decide to contact her or reply to her messages. Let her know you're dating other women. She may not want a relationship right now, but if she's going out to dinner with you, then the possibility of a potential relationship HAS CROSSED HER MIND. If she knows there are other women interested, she may think twice about how ready she is.

  • It's up to you whether or not the potential reward (relationship) is worth the risk of getting attached and possibly ending up hurt. People can change their minds if they meet a person they feel is worth changing their mind over. My boyfriend didn't want a relationship when we met and look where we are now. BUT it's not very likely that you would be that person to them so there's a risk involved.

    Like I said, my boyfriend didn't want a relationship when we first started hanging out, but it was obvious we were interested in each other. We started spending a lot of time hanging out together (always with friends, never any real dates) getting more and more flirty/affectionate with each other as time went on. We had a really good connection and things just felt right between us, so much so that he decided he'd rather be with me than stay single. It could happen for you too, but it might not.

  • Don't ever think that you can change a person. At all. If you don't like what you see, there's massive hindrance or whatever and you're at the very beginnings of the relationship, move on.


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