What should I do in this situation?

So I friended Guy#1, (Super nerdy, really tall, very aggressive,and not that attractive at all) around five months ago, my best friend told me not to but that intrigued me, and made me want to know more about him. Fast forward our friendship was OK until he started showing signals that he wanted to be more then friends.

Things between us lately have been pretty awkward, due to the fact that I have been avoiding him. A few nights ago I told him that I like Guy#2, (Nerdy in a cute way, my height, really funny, and fairly attractive) and he said we would be really cute together. Then he asked me what I thought of him romantically and I said I think he's a great friend, but nothing more. He is now pissed at me but, acting for the most part normally. My best friend asked Guy#2 what he thinks of me he said I'm Pretty, Smart, and Interesting, she then asked if he would ever ask me out, he said he would, but, he's afraid that Guy#1 will 'kill' him. (Guy#1 had a pity date and the girl broke it off in a day, the next week someone asked her out. He made death threats to that someone and BROKE his nose.Yikes Right?!)

So, what should I do in this crazy situation? Your'e advice will be greatly appreciated!


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  • Guy #1 may not react so violently as you were not stupid enough to give him a pity date and lead him on. Continue to go after guy#2 if he is threatened by guy #1 he can always pursue legal action. Seriously guy #1 will get over this because you let him know clearly that you were uninterested.


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  • Well it seems like you like guy # 2 better so you should just stick to him because guy #1 seems like alighted, and if you rush into a relashionship with him, it may not lead well and he can physically hurt you. So best of luck with guy #2, I'm not saying ou shouldn't try with guy #1, but you might want to think about it first, because many things can occur...