Would it piss you off if your boyfriend bought another girl her prom dress?

My boyfriend bought his "best friend" her prom dress. We can't go to prom so it's not that he bought hers and forgot about me. Just the fact that he bought it pisses me off. Mostly because he's never even really gotten me anything and then he goes and buys her a $150 prom dress. And he didn't tell me. She did. He didn't mention anything about it. But I know she isn't lying about it.


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  • I'd try no to let it bother you I could see the same situation with me and one of my friends and his girlfriend. I wouldn't let it bother you he probably didn't relize it was that big of a deal.

  • That would annoy me, but I wouldn't say I'd be pissed off. If they're best friends I can see this kind of thing possibly happening and I guess I wouldn't be extremely surprised. I get where you're coming from though. That sucks.