How can I make a good first impression tonight?

Well I guess I should start from the beginning. This guy's name is Thomas. He is a senior at my school. I am a sophomore. I really really like this guy. I have tried to tell him more than once. I even asked him out once but all he said was I don't know. We text everyday. He calls me baby and honey and I call him baby sometimes. I mentioned hanging out tonight with some friends and he said that if we were alone he would be all about me. I said well we could be alone. Then he just stopped texting me. I am hoping that we get to hang out tonight. What should I wear? How much make-up should I wear, if any? How should I wear my hair? How do I make a good impression? Is this considered a first date?


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  • Just dress like you normally do. Don't go over the top with make-up and stuff, some guys find that annoying. You shouldn't dress completely different than usual; if your normal outfit made him attracted to you, it should do that on the date.

    • thanks. ill keep that in mind for my date...whenever that will won't be with thomas though. I was texting him earlier found out why he won't make a move on me besides the flirting. also he told me randomly ''sorry I'm having sex bye'' that crushed me I don't know what to make of it all

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  • He probably just got busy. Guys tend to treat texts differently than females. If they get one while they're busy or if something suddenly comes up and they get the text then their attention is just focused on that and not the text. Relax, you didn't say anything wrong. He could also just be nervous. Ask him if you guys are still on for tonight.

    • he never texted me back last night so I ended up going to the mall with some friends