I stopped dating. Was it a wise choice?

I do not think that dating is for me. It always end up bad for me. I am not really an outgoing person and I like to to the same things over and over again. I may be boring to certain women but that is how I live lol. Should I become a monk for the rest of my life?

The monk part is a joke but I see myself living in a one room hut with the body of a buff male model who do the same thing over and over again lol. Go to work and come back home. Maybe watch a movie then lift then sleep perhaps donate/help the needy and repeat with drawing here and there until GOD calls me home lol. I know it seems sad but no worries lol.
Why do people tell me to not give up hope? I don't hope... I look at the reality of it lol. I do not get it...
Something always bad happen when I date lol. Perhaps I am not good enough for dating lol


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  • Is giving up dating entirely going to make you happiest in the long run? I think we all have times in our lives when it's highly appropriate to lock ourselves away in the metaphorical tower and not pursue relationships for a while. If the tower is what your heart needs to heal and gain the strength to try again, that's totally okay. But there is a girl out there who is a creature of habit, just like you, who is going to be desperately disappointed if you lock yourself in the tower for life. She's waiting to bump into you at that coffee shop that she goes to every Thursday morning or her favorite restaurant. So sure, put yourself in the tower. It's a warm and safe place where no one is going to break your heart or think that you're boring. Just be fair with yourself and acknowledge the fact that you aren't going to stay forever.

    • I don't eat out or really go out lol. "But there is a girl out there who is a creature of habit, just like you, who is going to be desperately disappointed if you lock yourself in the tower for life. She's waiting to bump into you" I do not believe this lol. I am not that desirable lol. Plus even if she is out here, I probably will not be attracted to her :) I am somewhat picky.

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    • Doesn't that still leave 0.1%?

    • They taught me in math class to round .1 down lol. So it should be 0 lol


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  • I'm sure you don't have to be a monk silly! There are lots other people out there like you, myself too as well. As long as you still keep your eye out every once in a while. Maybe you should take a break from it all and then eventually get back into it when you feel like it. I only recently started dating again after quite some time. Just try and still keep your options open though.

    • I think if I meditate hard enough I can fly lol. I am not outgoing and shy. But that is just me. I am dumb when it comes to dating lol. It was never for me anyways lol. I think that I am way to naive or dense. Plus it feels like a waste of time money and energy to me.

  • I don't think giving up on dating completely is necessary, but take some time for yourself and just enjoy being single for a while! There are a lot of girls who probably have the same interests as you and are looking for a guy just like you! Try meeting some new people and just hanging out with them as friends - take things slow and you never know, maybe a romance will naturally bud out of that!

    PS: Break out of your comfort zone and try some new things - you never know, you might enjoy yourself!

    • No one is checking for a person like me lol! Kind words though lol

    • Girls like a guy who is interesting and confident - if you are passionate about the things you like to do, confident in yourself just the way you are, and happy with your life, you are going to gain people's attraction. If not, then that's what you need to focus on first, before you start dating again.

      Giving up is a huge turn-off and your negative attitude towards yourself and dating in general is the real reason you've had no success with women - you're not as boring as you think you are.

    • I just focus on myself.. I am better off alone lol. Perhaps. I don't care for turning women on once I got out of high school lol. Too much stress. I need to find a vacant beach and just chill lol

  • maybe you just haven't found the 'one' that you can just be yourself with ...when you says ends up 'bad' for you explain...is is they get too needy ? want to be around you more than you can cope ?

    define what is 'boring' has someone actually said you were boring or is this how you think of yourself ?

    neah don't be a monk ...get out there and mingle why not your single !?

    • The women end up getting bored with me or they take me for granted or something like that lol. I think I was the opposite of needy lol. She may get 1-2 calls a week lol. If that...

    • that where you went wrong one - 2 calls a week ..come on women love to yap ! we need texts and attention and I don't mean 24/7 attention ..i mean genuine courtesy to ask how someones day is I get into trouble if ididnt text my guy and just chit chat a few texts or a call now and then ...no wonder they fecked off ! ...you need to get with how to treat a woman ..trust me bother with the texts and the little gestures you won't be a monk for long ..get the picture ! sheesh boy ha

    • I used to call more than that but the last girlfriend I was with started to pull away a bit so I stopped calling her as much lol. I felt that something was not right... My gut was right I was getting played lol. That was the last straw for me when it came to dating lol. Funny thing is I think she wants to kind get back with me but... I just rather lift my weights lol. More satisfying to me. I see some women giving me the eye when I am out but I am done lol. So now my goal is to be a un obtainable 10

  • If you're OK with it, then it's not a bad choice. If, however, you're terribly depressed by the idea and are just giving up out of frustration then it's a terrible choice.

    • I think the choice is okay... I have to see if I can pull it off lol

    • There's nothing wrong with saying "Hey, I prefer to be single and will live that way forever" as long as you're being honest with yourself. I would recommend that if you're not sure you can pull it off just saying "I'm single for now and OK with it." And, if something happens where you meet somebody you don't write her off just from bad experiences, just because you vowed to abandon all hopes of women. You're the same age-range as me, and let me tell you, we have lots of living left to do :)

  • I can relate. I do the same things too.. I'm comfortable with it that way.

    But wanting to become a monk? Haha. If you become asexual, I'm sure you can do it. Serious though, don't give up hope.

    It's hard to find guys who's actually okay with doing the same thing everyday.

    • I will just stick to lifting weights and sleeping and praying lol. At least I will not get cheated on lol.

  • if your okay with it then yea lol

  • Nope, sounds great. I'm doing the same thing, just I intend to expand my knowledge.

  • Great! I found a guy like me. Are there guys like you in real life that live nearby?


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  • keep an open mind about it dude. you may not have found the right girl yet; doesn't mean she isn't out there. if you give up now, you're shutting her out completely. besides you say you have the body of a model, so that should have you partially set. you'll meet the girl who will be able to bear with your routines.

    • If I lose perhaps 5 more pounds I will be there lol I know it sounds dumb to shut myself out but I think it is better for my sanity.

  • I thought about this actually...


    A: Becoming a Monk and live in some Monastary somewhere.


    B: Get a sail boat and sail the world alone.

    Some women break us down, take our money, and leave us in pieces sometimes(and never say thank you and make us out to be the perpetrators)

    It's hard sometimes...But you have to keep trying...There are a very few good women left on this planet anymore(that's what I'm hoping), That's what keeps me going. Like winning the lottery. You can't win if you don't play.