Is this more a sign I'm meeting the wrong kind of girl or that I'm going about things poorly?

In the last 2 years I've dated about 7 different girls. Not a single one turned into anything serious, it always seemed to turn into 'I like you but I really can't handle dating anyone right now'. 3 of them wanted to be friends with benefits after dating, and though I did try that for a while with one of them I quickly realized that's not something I can do, I got too attached too easily with that.

Even my coworkers are trying to 'help' me out, except they tried to set me up with a girl who I had no attraction to but have seen around several times and gotten along well with (think like little sister). They bought me a boat load of drinks and tried to get me to go home with her, and I flat out refused.

I don't get it at all. I can't seem to fall for decent girls, the girls I meet are attractive and nice to me but never want to be anything more than fwb's, and to make matters worse they all float around. That night with my coworkers at one point I had 4 girls texting me telling me to come over, 3 of which I knew (and the last I was merely pretty sure) wanted to hook up with me. I don't understand how I can evidently be this popular with girls yet not meet anyone interested in anything more than friends with benefits...


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  • There's nothing wrong with that. have a little patience. you're trying too hard to meet the right girl and thus aren't. Just relax, you don't need to date... wait til you meet someone you click with, believe it or not, she exists. Blind dates/dating for fun is great but it's alright not to do that and just relax for a bit.


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  • me and you got the same problem, from what I've been told from the 38 year old I was boning years ago. she told me this recently "your a great piece of eye candy and you do work in the bed room like very few of you have, but just no sparks, it didn't seem like I cared".. women have told me that I seem like a player and there afraid of getting hurt also. I found that surprising considering how loyal I am to them