What are some things you need to consider when dating?

what are some key things you need to begin dating again in a healthy way?


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  • Needs.

    Finding out your needs is number one- how important is humor? a good job? a car? etc. Find out your deal breakers. You need to also find out what you DON'T want.

    Consider where you are in life. You should look at where your life is at right now, and whether a relationship is going to work and whether or not you have the time to put into it.

    Next consider how happy you are with you.

    If you aren't happy with yourself, you are either going to not be happy with anyone, or "anyone will do." Either way is a recipe for disaster. You will either have many short relationships, or several long term relationships that aren't right.

    When you can make yourself happy and give yourself the majority of what you need, you find you need someone less and less. Then, you can get a better look at whether or not someone fits in your life and determine if you should keep dating them.


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  • Knowing that my partner is not secretly insane for starters.


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  • wear those sex suits, you never know if you guys may have sex so you can be ready and prepared

  • How big is his penis? Is he any good at connilingus? How big is his wallet?

    ** sits back and waits for down votes**