Is it wrong to like more than one guy?

is it wrong to like three guys at once? or do I need to narrow it down to one? and just forget about liking the others? I just don't know... please help.


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  • If you just like them, flirt with them, or lightly date them then there is no problem. It is normal for people your age to play the field, from what I have read - helps you decide what you want in a mate later. That said, if you are going steady or whatever the kids call it these days with all three then you are cheating on two of them. In that case, you may want to make a clear choice. But really, why choose and get serious? Might as well have fun and keep it light. You have school and your future to think about so no need to marry yourself (proverbially) to one guy.

    • thank you so much! so so much! I get it now. I don't mean to use them but I like them all, so thank you for your input! :)


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  • Just sit down and think about why you like each person. Perhaps each has one or two qualities that you admire that the rest do not. Those qualities are important to you otherwise you wouldn't be interested in them.

    So if you pick one, you might feel incomplete. I'd try to find one person that has all or close to all those qualities you like.

    • oh wow, thanks, I never thought of it that way! that was so helpful, your right, thank you!

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  • Are you dating all three? If so, you gotta pick one. It's unfair to keep them all hanging like that, not to mention selfish.

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  • not wrong to like 3 of them but it's wrong ot keep all three on a hook if they like you till you pick one. it's important to really weed out which ones you don't think it's going to work with and you can only do that by talking to them and spending time around them but not at the expense of the other two and their feelings. So no using them against each other to make them jealous or something but there's nothing wrong with liking more than one guy, especially at your age it's all about learning what you like in a guy and what you DONT like in one.

    • thank you so much, that was great advice! thank you... it helps when people give so many different choices, cause then I have to make a decision, and I like what you said haha, it was very helpful! :)