What Do You Think of a Girl That Pays for the First Date?

So...This guy has been wanting to go out with me for a while...like months...he was out of town and messaged me saying "buy me dinner when I get back." So, I caved in for whatever reason (actually...I think I like him...)..and took him out to dinner. He's about 34...I'm 27 if that makes any difference. Any opinions on this scenario? He did make mention about us going out another time soon...and he's been texting me everyday since we met up...so I think he likes me...but I can't say..I have any past relationships to reference from. Thanks for your help!


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  • I'd be OK with a girl paying for the first date, I'd offer to pay, but if she wanted to pay then I'd be OK with it.

    • Yeah...he didn't seem to care...he didn't offer to pay either. Maybe it's a new generation...but my dad would never let me pay for anything in public...he always paid for everything for my mom too. It would embarass him otherwise.

    • I think parents are a special case.

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  • Well, he asked you to pay (possibly joking?) and you did. So that means he'd at least think you're interested. So if he is interested he'll definitely ask you out again.


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  • So he just told you to buy him dinner and then actually let you do that? I'd be appalled lol I would never tell a guy to buy me a meal and then let him. I guess he's cool with it, but I wouldn't be so cool with him. It may be sexist, but I think it's really impolite for a guy to not even offer to pay on the first date, much less tell you to buy him a meal. It would be messed up for a girl to say that too.

    • Yeah...that's sort of what I thought...but I know there is that whole equality thing now...but whenever I go out with other people, I always offer to pay...and usually do end up paying half.

    • If things were that equal, women wouldn't still be called sluts and whores while men are studs for doing the same thing. Times have changed, but most guys still know that a girl will think twice about a man that doesn't even offer to pay on the first date. So if he's serious about a girl or a relationship, he'll offer so as not to risk it. I've never heard of a guy acting like this.