He loves me... He loves me not?

My best guy friend recently broke up with his girlfriend. The whole time we have been best friends I have been crazy about him, and he recently explained to me that he feels the same way. We've gotten together twice so far and he's made it clear that he does not want another relationship for a very long time, but he tells me that he's wanted to tell me how he feels for so long and that he;s been crazy about me since we first met. Everything feels right, I've never been as close to anyone as I am to him and hooking up with him is the best feeling I have ever felt, all I really want to know is, does he just see me as someone to hook up with while he's on the rebound or does it sound like we could eventually be a couple?


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is the possiblilty that he is afraid, since you two were already good friends, that he could possibly lose you if he takes you into a relationship. He really cares about you but since he just recently broke up he is fearful that the same thing could happen between you. He figures its better to keep you around as a best friend, than lose you as someone who is more than that.


What Girls Said 1

  • He has feelings for you (with no doubt) but right now he isn't ready to go forward with anything else besides fwb. You two could potentially be more, but I wouldn't count on this because feelings can sometimes change.If you're OK with taking things as they are then continue to be friends with benefits (but keep in mind you two being more someday isn't 100 percent). If you're not OK with your role now then do not continue to hook up with him because all it will allow is for your feelings to grow stronger and you eventually getting hurt if he chooses not to have a relationship with you.