I over think things way too much

Throughout my life, I've noticed that I over think things WAY too much. To the point that I've ended up damaging my relationships with a couple of my female friends that I liked. It's something that I recognize and try to stop but always end up doing anyways.

I know that some of you guys have experienced this too. How do/did you get yourself to not spend so much time thinking about what their actions mean and go after them.


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  • I over think things way too much as well. Its nice to know its not just a girl thing. I wish I knew how to stop it... sorry I can't help :(


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  • It's not wrong to overthink things. It's just what comes natural. Don't let anyone tell you different.

    It can help to overthink things because lets put it this way...would you rather underthink something and miss something that was there in the first place, than overthink it?