Stuck between liking 2 guys

The first guy I've known for a couple years or so now. He's my mom's ex-boyfriends son and he's about 7 or 8 years older than me but we are always texting. He makes me laugh and feel good about myself. He's a big dude the kind of guy that no one would want to mess with but I still find myself attracted to him because he's really just a softy at heart. The only problem is he has a little bit of social anxiety and doesn't like to get out much but he almost came to hang out with my friends and I last weekend. I'm probably gonna try and get him to come and hang out tomorrow to see how it goes.

The 2nd guy I've known since like high school but we've never really hung out or talked until a couple days ago at my friends apartment and then he came over here tonight also with our friends. He seems like he might be interested but I'm not sure. I catch him looking at me before I look at him when we are talking with our friends. I added him on Facebook but we haven't exchanged numbers yet. I'm not sure about how to go about getting to know him more or see if he might be interested.

In conclusion I'm just not sure how to go about letting both the guys know I'm interested or which one I should try and get to know more instead of the other one. Any advice?


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  • i think so you shld go for 1st guy...but I dnt want to impose my decision its just my point of view...u shld follow your heart keeping greed aside being less selfish and then think what your heart says


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  • I think that you should go for the second guy because if you really liked the first guy you wouldn't have fallen for the second.

    • I haven't gotten a chance to fall for the 2nd guy yet because I don't know him well enough and we've only hung out 2 times. I'm pretty sure I've fallen for the 1st guy more than the 2nd guy but I don't get to see the 1st guy as much as the 2nd guy because he doesn't live that close.

    • Well if you like the first guy so much you two should be able to over come the distance that separates you.

  • you should pick number 1

  • Hard to give advice in a situation like this, just follow your heart, cliché but true...


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