Did I ruin my chances with him?

So there's a guy in my math class and he's so cute! I don't know him personally, so I had never spoken to him and still hadn't up until last night .. I went to a party and he was there haha. I was pretty wasted, and started talking to him. But I know that throughout the night, I was sitting in his lap etc etc. And apparently I asked to hook up, but he didn't think he should since I was so drunk. He's a really nice guy. I don't think he's ever had a girlfriend before. But yeah, basically I want to date him ahaha. Did I ruin it? /; if not, what should I do next?


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  • no you didn't ruin it. I believe he was just aware that you were drunk and being a respectful man, he didn't want to take advantage of you which is a very good things. He respects your sexuality and didn't try to get you in bed while you were drunk. I would say that he probably thinks you were out of it and just trying to be funny or werent that serious at the time so now being sober, talk to him and try to let him know that you have an interest and he will see that you really like him without being at a party drunk :)


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  • Yeah I don't think you ruined it at all, in fact you increased your chances of him asking you out considerably. Your path is easy when you see him next talk about the party and continue flirting, if you feel it's necessary you can apologize for your behavior . Good luck

  • :-) you can help him to explain his real ideas about you .p

    if he hasn't had a girl friend before, he may be shy :)


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