Ladies - what kind of advice can you give regarding dating?

Ladies - what kind of advice can you give regarding dating?

I don't like girls that are bitches essentially. I want to stay away from the manipulative, drama type.

How can I spot one? early while meeting her.


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  • Observe how they talk. If they often talk about other people in a negative way or just in general tend to talk about everyone else's gossip I have found these girls tend to be more manipulative and prone to be involved in drama than girls that mostly talk about subjects that don't involve people.

    • What about her trying to listen in on a conversation I was having. If she felt attracted to me and was already flirting and seemed like a good thing going( like paying attention to what each other had to say & eye contact etc all the time & flirting), that is probably part of the infatuation or "crush" if that's what it can be called?

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    • If there's a conversation going on close to me I usually listen in on it...I try to not make it obvious but it helps me pass the time if I'm in class or out somewhere. If it already seems like you two have some type of chemistry then I'm sure that contributes to the crush.

    • It was more of a conversation I was trying to have in private with the professor. It was about why I had missed a class.


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  • See if whey they're talking with you if they're actually listening or looking around and paying attention to everything else. Don't tell them where you live, until you get to know them a little better!

    • Hey can you take a look at the answer Anonymous user said below and then read my comment also and share your thoughts about it.

  • The best way is to just become friends first & take things slow. Figure out what kind of person she is, then you will figure it out. Try dating & not jumping into a relationship.


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