What would you do on a first date?

on the first date , if you took me out or anyone else?


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  • Something easy. First dates aren't supposed to be extremely elaborate and detract from the real purpose if they are. How much are you going to learn about the other person if she is behind you on a jetski? I always find it best to start of with conversation at a restaurant/bar. I could be totally dull and the girl is uninterested. Why should she have to sit with me for 4 hours because she agreed to go see a football game? Then after the second or third date goes well...now it is time to test what I've learned. Incorporate something she said from one of previous conversations into the date to show how much you're truly interested.

  • picnic, picnic on a boat(or something to do with a boat), sporting event?, out to lunch at my favorite small restaurant, swimming at a pool or water park, amusement park.. depends on the girl.. if she is laid back or an adrenaline junkie..


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