Does anyone else feel this way about their first love?

He's been in my life for the past 5+ years and I can't get over him. We don't talk much and have separate lives, but its not like we're not still in each other's lives. If we see each other we say hi and we rarely hang out still. But I can't get over him. I'm not a bad looking girl, I get hit on daily, but he's not the best looking thing and everyone at school says mean things about him and I'm pretty sure I'm the only girl who doesn't think he's a weirdo other than his mom and it hurts me 100x worse if someone says something mean about him to me than when someone actually says something mean about me personally. I have guys always texting me and I don't have trouble getting asked out on dates every weekend, but I never go on any of them. Whenever a guy hits on me I get nauseated and sick to my stomach like I'm going to be sick. I cringe when guys who aren't my friends come close to me. I hate kissing guys other than him. Everytime I've kissed a guy who isn't him its always a quick kiss and then I immediately back away and cringe, even with guys I've dated with for months. I can't make out with guys and the thought of someone else's spit makes me sick to my stomach as well. This has been going on since I was 11 years old, and I really want to get over him because its making me depressed that he's not there anymore but I can't because of all of these things. Has anyone else felt like this before? Or does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do?


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  • i understand what you are going through. I have a similar problem. I like this guy for a long time and I knew he liked me as well but we never did anything about it. over the years we grew apart but whenever I see him all the feelings come back. I have tried to date other guys and whenever I make out with them I miss my crush. It stupid but true. I can't get over him either. My suggestion is y don't you start hanging out with him again. Y did you guys break up? If he doesn't like you anymore then you can't do anything. but if that is not the case then you should make the move to show him that you care for him.

    • Yeah he still cares for me a lot, probably the same amount I care for him. He's just in that high school guy mode and thinks that its not cool and good for his ego for him to be tied down. He doesn't hook up with girls at all though, I'm almost certain of this. I can wait for him til after high school which is only about a year, but we would still be the same and not hang out or talk much until then. All of my friends say I'm wasting my time, so I guess it just makes me feel like I should giveup

    • I see. Are you sure that after high school, he will want to be together? With college and other stuff in life normally people fall apart. If he doesn't want to be with you right now you have no choice but to wait. However, have fun as well. Don't let life pass you by just by waiting. Go out on dates with other guys you like. When your crush will be ready to come back in your life then you can dedicate your time to him but for now YOU LIVE... its tought but possible.


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  • Oh you are in a similar situation to mine girl. I used to have this best bud of mine who I thought was nothing except a best buddy, but when he moved away, I started missing more than what I thought I would. And in this case I am completely cut off from his life. And thing is I definitely do feel weird when guys hit on me, but then you gotta realise "the first love of your life" is always special come what may be the outcome of the relationship. I miss the guy terribly, but then sometimes you just gotta leave it to fate. if you can just try and make it up with him, and see if the relation could be rekindled somehow!

  • I have but then things ended up working for us!