I never call him, I let him call me?

I'm dating this guy I really like him a lot but I never call him I let him call me because I don't want him to think that I'm bothering him in I don't want to push him away in don't get me wrong I do want to call him. So what should I do Because you know how you guys can get sometimes about how often woman call you so when should I call him.


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  • First off, relax. He's dating you so I doubt he'd be bothered by your call. I'm sure he would love to see you put in the effort. Just call him casually when you know he isn't at work and see how his day went. Don't second guess yourself. If he doesn't want to talk then he doesn't have to pick up.


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  • You may be over-analyzing this. Yes, it's true that guys don't want a girl blowing up his phone every ten minutes. I'm sure that probably goes both ways. However, if a guy is constantly calling you and you never call him then he is going to start thinking that you're not into him. Every guy is different but it is a nice surprise when the woman makes the effort to initiate.


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