Girls are those signs that she's into me?

she touches my arm often, she gives me the eyes and smiles, when I walk away and stand in a corner she comes and stand next to me, she compliments me over and over on my cologne, she sniffs it from my neck and tell me how she loves it

is it pretty safe to assume that she's attracted to me?

whats your opinions on that. and what can I do to let her know that I am interested in her?


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  • HAHAHA, seriously man? Of course she's into you! She couldn't be more into you if you were a slab of ribeye and she were a ravenous tiger, hahaha. Trust me, she's feeling it...

    You just need to reciprocate! If you think she looks particularly cute one day, let her know. Say something like, "You look really pretty, I like that color on you." The plus to complimenting her is the you can gage her interest in you based on how she responds; if you make your compliment specific, by complimenting her hair or the color she's wearing, pay attention to whether she wears her hair in the same way the next few days, or if she wears the color more often after that. It gives you a bit of an advantage!

    Also, smiling back at her goes a long way. Feel free to tease her flirtatiously, girls really like that. A good sense of humor is very effective as well.

    The surefire way to convey your interest in her is actually laughably simple: ask her out to dinner! Asking a girl out on a date leaves little room for misinterpretation.

    Good luck!


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  • In case you're too shy to tell her you like her striaght out, then ask her out on a date and take it from there, and usually any sign of touching can be an good indication you like her, such as trying to hold her hand or wiping a hair from her face etc.

  • oh yeah she's into you... ask her out already!

  • You can flirt back. If you don't feel comfortable flat out asking her on a date then do it like its not a big deal. you could say you heard about this great restaurant and ask if she'd want to check it out with you or something like that.

  • Shes def. interested!

    Touch her too, compliment her...just tell her you like her! you won't regret it. You only do if you don't tell her...

    Good luck :)

  • UMMM DAAAA , she's totally into you


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