He's asking me to 'send a picture'?

So I'm dating a guy a month now and we've been texting each other everyday. We're just seeing each other nothing serious yet. Seen him 3 times now. After not texting for two days he and only texts me saying send me a picture. Is he implying a sexy pic? I'm not sure if I'm comfortable doing that. Should I text him saying don't be a creep or some smart ass comment lik that?


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  • yes he is implying a sexy picture. And here is my advice, tell him no. Men show their friends that and within 20 minutes it will be online. Just say no, and if he keeps asking break up


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  • He might want a nude, but for now just send him a picture of you smiling. Nothing dirty, just a nice picture. If he wants a nude, he'll probably ask for another after. Don't be a smart ass. If you interpret it the wrong way it could really screw things up.


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  • Not sure, but DO NOT send him a sexy picture. You guys are just seeing each other nothing serious you say. Send him a Rated G picture of you smiling. Nothing more nothing less.