Should I text her and what should I say?

So this girl sent me a message on a dating site a while back, she gave me her number and told me to feel free to call or text her because I sounded interesting. At this time I was very busy and an ex stuck her face back into my life. It's been over a month since she sent me the message but I did see she'd checked out my profile again, like 3 days ago. Should I text her and what should I say? Like that my life got really complicated for a while? I don't want to come off as a creep or a crazy person.


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  • You can Just call or tex her and ask her how is she doing? :) You don't have to explain why it has been over a month. If she does bring it up, say I have been really busy. Good Luck. =)


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  • Just say something like "I know it's been a while since we've talked but I just know I was going through a bit of complications. If you want to talk reply."

    If I was in her situation I would not be creeped out if a guy sent that to me.

  • yes text her or actually call her to see how she has been doing lately. See what she tells you, and maybe hang out with her to discuss this


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