When does texting become annoying?

I really like this guy, but I'm worried about annoying him. So when does texting become annoying? I don't want to bother him, but at the same time I don't want him to think I'm ignoring him!


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  • I only find it annoying when people non-stop text me. Does he text you first usually or are you the one to start? If he starts it, then I wouldn't worry. It means he WANTS to. But if he stops like in the middle of the conversation (they tend to do that -____-) don't keep bothering/texting them. That's when it gets annoying. My rule is, is if they end the conversation they have to restart it! If you end it, you have to start it. Maybe that's just me, but I love it(: haha. Anyways, if they want to text you they will. If you want to text him, fine, but if he stops don't bother him, he's probably just busy! Good luck!


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  • Texting generally isn't annoying. But turbo-texting is; rather than typing out a long message, they send out a series of 3 or 4 short messages within a minute.


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  • Most texting is annoying. If you send a quick text here & there, OK. But if you have the time to keep texting, then call!