Do you think this girl likes me?

So when I was up in NH for a little while for a job I messaged some girls on OkCupid, and this one particularly caught my interest but she seemed very reluctant to meet me so soon so we didn't while I was there, since then I have persisted with talking to her, and at first she wouldn't give me her #, but I gave her mine one day and the next she started texting me. I also got her Skype then and we are supposed to video chat tomorrow.

She seems very interested in me via text and she is like "so good so far" and said I am attractive too, etc...

Do you think she is probably seriously interested? She even doesn't mind/likes when I say sexual things to her and we seem to agree on those too.

I totally wouldn't mind visiting her at school or something too... when could I ask something like that?

Any advice or anything? Thanks.


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  • It's hard to tell.. how often do you guys talk and how long have you been talking?

    • Been talking almost two months, recently every day at length... but it was less frequent until recently.


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  • She's just being careful as she very well should be. She sounds like a smart girl. Take your time, good things come to those who wait.


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  • what if she's a dude? why not ask now? what do you have to lose?