What are things we can talk about through text?

I've been seeing this guy for three weeks and at first we would text all the time and now we text each other every other day he's usually the one to text me first but today I really want to text him but I know we will prob be talking about the same thing we always do like how our day is going and what we are up to. What are somethings we could talk about because I really suck at trying to find something to talk about and he is the same way! please help!

we have gone out a couple of times but we only see each other once a week because I'm in school and work part time on weekends and he has a full time job!


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  • If there's nothing to talk about, don't talk about anything. It will get boring, very fast.

    You need to give each other space, and sometimes that includes just not texting at every free time. This way, you'll give each other a chance to catch up next time you see each other.

    Most of your learning about each other and flirting should happen in person, so it's just fine to leave that til you two are able to meet up on a date.


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  • if you don't know a lot about each other yet or are curious about some things, talk about that. Go back and forth asking questions, it will last you a bit. Could talk about upcoming plans for the weekend and when you hang out with each other enough, the talking/texting on the phone becomes easier.

  • Just text him don't be affriad ...like the song(I'm not afraid )emnium


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  • Texting is boring after a while, so unless you can replace it with dating and talking about things beyond text-drivel, this will not last. Your problem could be that you two don't have enough activities together to create conversations.

    • we have gone on a few dates but both me and him are sort of broke and there's not a lot to do for free at night in our area until it gets warmer and he never asks or does call me instead he texts

    • Honestly there does not appear to be enough spark for the two of you to stay together. Broke people who are really in to each other always figure out something to do, even just hanging and watching TV or kissing.