How many times can you call someone if they don't pick up the phone?

Ive been calling this girl the thing is I get very worried because lately I've been having a bad feeling in my gut and its not gas:P I call her like 3 to 4 times and leave her a text when she dose not respond basically what I trying to say is if I'm doing the write thing or not because I don't want to freak her out or put pressure on her I care deeply for her and I don't want anything to happen to her


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  • Are you going out with this girl or is she just a friend?

    You should only try to call her once or twice maximum, and if she does not respond it maybe because she is busy or not near her phone. If she does not respond after the second time, do not txt or try to call again. Wait for her to get back to you. I know it's hard and annoying when someone does not reply, I get down and over analyze it my self. But I'm sure everything will be fine and just try not to over crowd her by txting/calling 4-5 times a day. Also leave a few hours at least 4 in between each call or txt!

    If you keep calling or txting she will think that you are hassling her and it may annoy her a bit.

    After the second time, leave it a few days maybe 3 before you try to call her again.

    If she is interested she will call back when she has time.

    If she keeps ignoring you as hard as it is, move on. She is not interested. There are plenty more girls out there.

    • Were more than friends but not a couple just yet

      o ok thank you so much I really hope that is not to late and screwed things up because I really don't want to send everything to hell after everything was going so well


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  • Once a day, maybe even twice (think 8 hours later) is ok as long as you don't do this day after day after day. If you overdo that with texts (they count as phone calls in my opinion) than you look like a stalker. If she calls great. If she doesn't than that's an indication something may be up. Don't be too pushy.

    • Thank you ill take things with more patients and not try to worry to much thank you for your advice^_^

  • calling her over and over can be kind of annoying on her part but I understand what your trying to say that you care about her. I think that you should send a text first since its more convient (well at least for me it is). Maybe there is just something wrong on her part, some girls just dn't lik picking up the phone for some reason but once or twice a day and a little text is enough communication to get your point across to her!

  • aww that's soo cute of you..

    im guessing ur doing a right thing, because you care bout her.

    are with her? or just a friend?

    • Thank you.Were more than friends but were not couple yet ^_^ if that makes any since

    • U welcome,

      ohhh I see well that's should be alright..and yes it did make a sence.

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  • Back way off. If there is any chance that she is still interested in you, you'll only scare her off if you barrage her with calls. Leave one message, and wait for her to return it. If she doesn't, then move on.

  • My general rule is this:

    Call people once, and only once. Wait for them to reply. If they want to talk to you, they'll talk to you.

    In some cases I'll make a follow-up call, but usually only if the message is urgent. In dating, this one-call policy can make you appear less clingy, and more independent.