been dating this guy about a month now,last night he picked me up to carry me for dinner on our way back home he was telling me how beautiful I am.he made a joke and said dnt let anyone tell you your beautiful,i laughed and asked why he said "because your my girlfriend and only I should tell you that"now keep in mind it was a joke but what registered most was the girlfriend part,i really like him and things are going good we had sex for the first time on monday so its not like he's saying stuff to get me to sleep with him do you think he really means it,and why did I smile when he said it you know usually that is suppose to be a question,well he told me and for some reason I like the fact that he told me...but should I take that tittle serious or should I just continue just the way it is?


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  • wow he really did that ...well sounds like he is really into you. But in the begining still take it slow give him space even if he gives the ok. Good Luck! Be honest and you will do fine. I have been a few relationships and every one was a learning experience for how I handle myself and really knowing what I wanted from my partner. So even if it doesn't work out you will learn so much about yourself.

    • Thats exactly how I look at all my prior relationships because I have always learnt something.i feel like I can be so honest with him,right now am at work when I get to work on mornings I always call him and let him know but 2day he ended up calling me while I was on my way to wrk we spoke briefly and he said goodbye,about 2 hours after he called me back and said asked if I didn't go to wrk I told him yea but bein that I already spoke 2 him I didn't wanna call back again


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  • make a light comment, tell him he's your fiance. See how he reacts? If he reacts with a wacky smile, you know you have a done deal.

    Ah to be in love!

    • That is not a light comment lollll...........

    • Thats the whole point darling...

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  • Even though it was meant as a joke, there is definite evidence he really likes you. Your in that beginning stage and you don't wanna rush feelings. You don't want to be like "i love you" right away. I would say just continue the way it is and I think it will develop into what you want-just don't rush it. I know how your feeling! :)

  • keep it light you are not married to him if you like him go along with it what would change if you are his girlfriend? take it slow

    • Its not that anything would change but last night his phone rang and he was not in the car I looked at it,it was a female I just put it back down.when he came back in the car I told him he had a missed call he asked why didn't I answer it,he was like I would like if you answer my phone when I can't get to it,like little stuff like that I would not have done before because I didn't think it was place you know......